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Author - Deanne Snyder

Author: Deanne Snyder

Hey there! I’m the heart and soul behind “Find Your Voice,” a cozy corner on the internet where we dive deep into the realms of self-care, mental health, and navigating the journey of healing after sexual assault. My life is a balancing act between being a devoted mom by day and pouring my heart into blogging by night. Let’s get to know each other a bit better, shall we?

My Journey

A few years ago, I found myself at a crossroads after experiencing sexual assault. It was a time filled with confusion, pain, and a longing for a beacon of hope. That’s when “Find Your Voice” was born. Initially, it was my search for solace and understanding, but it quickly grew into a sanctuary for many others walking similar paths. My mission was clear: to help others find comfort, support, and strength in their journeys.

My Passion

Writing has always been my solace and my strength. Through “Find Your Voice,” I aim to offer a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on. My favorite topics—selfcare, mental health, and overcoming sexual assault—are close to my heart. They’re not just subjects I write about; they’re chapters of my own story that I share in the hopes of helping someone feel a little less alone.

My Philosophy

Life is messy, complex, and downright difficult at times, but I believe in the power of shared experiences and the strength they can give. My approach is simple: keep it real, keep it empathetic, and keep it practical. Whether you’re here for advice, a comforting read, or ways to become stronger, I promise to meet you where you are, with open arms and an open heart.

Our Community

“Find Your Voice” isn’t just about my voice; it’s about ours. This blog is a tapestry woven from the threads of our collective experiences, challenges, and triumphs. I’m constantly amazed by the courage, resilience, and incredible strength of this community. Every comment, every share, and every story adds to the rich fabric that makes “Find Your Voice” what it is.

Let’s Connect

I’m here to listen, to share, and to support. Whether you’re taking your first steps toward healing, looking for ways to pamper your soul, or simply need a friend, you’ve found the right place. Let’s walk this journey together, hand in hand, and help each other find our voices, one word at a time.

Thank you for being here, for sharing your stories, and for allowing me to share mine. Let’s continue to build this beautiful community together, creating a space where everyone feels heard, understood, and empowered.

With all my heart, Deanne.

P.S. Your voice matters. Always.

Behind the Scenes: Our Developer

About the Developer - Collin Sawyer

Developer: Collin Sawyer

Every story shared on “Find Your Voice” is supported by someone equally important in the background—our developer!

The Technical Heart

Collin plays a pivotal role in making our site the welcoming and easy-to-navigate space it is. With a deep commitment to our mission, he ensures that every technical aspect from security to user experience reflects our ethos of support and community.

The Backbone

Collin isn’t just about code; he appreciates the spirit of our mission. Ensuring our site is a welcoming, easy-to-navigate space, he puts heart into every technical detail. It’s thanks to his dedication that our blog feels like a haven for sharing and healing.

The Work Behind Our Words

It’s Collin’s meticulous attention to detail that keeps our website running smoothly. Balancing functionality with accessibility, his efforts make sure our platform remains a reliable place for stories to be shared and voices to be heard.

A Partnership of Purpose

While I focus on content and community, Collin ensures our digital space is solid and welcoming. This partnership is rooted in a shared commitment to fostering a supportive environment for everyone who visits “Find Your Voice.”

A heartfelt thanks to Collin, whose behind-the-scenes dedication makes our community’s connection possible. It’s the unseen efforts that truly hold our space together.

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